New Caledonia

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South Pacific Mission Fields





Located in the South-west of the South Pacific Ocean, NE of Australia and NNW of New Zealand. Longitudes 165˚ and latitudes 21.5˚. It is a French overseas colony since 1853. Same as Tahiti, it is an important military and strategic zone of France in the mainly English-speaking South Pacific Region. Overseas air traffic to France or Europe mainly via Australia and New Zealand or Japan.

Capital city

Noumea – the sister city of Gold Coast in Australia and Taupo in New Zealand.


266,853 (2014) with 60% living in Noumea & neighbouring regions. 43% Melanesian, 37 Anglo-Saxon, 11% Polynesian (including Tahitian), 3% Indonesian, 2 Vietnamese, 3% Others (including Chinese).


25% Christianity (Eglise Evangelique de Pentecote) mainly local people and other islanders; the Mormons & Jehovah Witnesses have significant influences therethere are about 4,000 Muslims from Indonesia.

Chinese population

about 4,000 locally born of Vietnam Chinese origin (French-speaking)
about 1,500 Chinese migrant (dialects –mainly Cantonese; others: Hakka, Vietnamese, about a 100 migrants from QuangXi speaks Mandarin)

Chinese Overview

Two categories

  1. Totally 300 people mainly Cantonese-speaking (despite about 100 boat people arrived in 1997 from QuangXi 

There are more than 15 Chinese restaurants (still increasing) and 60 Vietnamese owned grocery shops.

Chinese Churches Overview

Brief history
CCMA short-term mission (STM) teams visited Noumea in January and July 2002. Then missionary couple Joseph & Sharon Fung started their long-term ministry establishing Noumea Chinese Fellowship (NCF). The first baptism was held in July 2003 with 5 people baptized. With the help of the CCMA STM team, a Chinese New Year gospel night was held in early 2004 with over 100 attendees. In mid 2004, NCF had some outreaching gospel activities during the local Chinese Cultural Festival where they contacted many Chinese non-believers.

CCM missionaries


Prayer Points

1. main target groups – owners & employees of restaurants & grocery shops
2. pray for the spiritual growth of the new Christians


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